Our Pastor– Larry Buford

Our pastor, Larry Buford, was born and reared in Lexington, Kentucky. He received his call to ministry when he was a senior in high school. He attended Anderson College (now Anderson University) in Anderson, Indiana and then concluded his B.A. studies at Asbury College in Wilmore. From 1968-1971, he attended Asbury Theological Seminary. In 1970, he was ordained by the Church of God in Kentucky. He has pastored in three states–Kentucky, Louisiana, and Indiana. In Louisiana, he was called upon to plant a new church in Bossier City and was there from 1976-1980. From 1980-1990, he pastored the S. Memorial Dr. Church of God in New Castle, Indiana. In 1990 he moved here to Nicholasville in order to plant a new Church of God congregation.

Our Church Affiliation

SonLight Fellowship Church of God is affiliated with the Church of God (General Offices: Anderson, Indiana).

We do not consider ourselves to be another denomination, with a prescribed creed and an unbending organizational structure. Neither are we a sect with legalistic statements on, and enforcement of, life styles.

The local congregation is the basic organization of the Church. The congregation contacts and calls its pastor. The congregation establishes its own organizational pattern with a set of by-laws. The congregation is not strictly controlled by any person or organization outside its own membership. In fact, the state and national organizations derive their strength from local churches and the support they choose to give.

In 1989, the Board of Evangelism of the Church of God in Kentucky selected Nicholasville as the best prospective location for planting a new church. In 1990, Rev. Larry Buford was selected by the Board to come and plant this new work. In June, 1990, Pastor Larry accompanied by his wife, Beverly, and his son, Mike, moved to Nicholasville. For a period of six months, preliminary work was done and plans were laid for a telemarketing campaign to begin in January, 1991. Following the telemarketing campaign and five weeks of church mailings, we conducted our first public worship service on March 10, 1991 at Warner Elementary School.

Since that time, we have conducted worship services at the Middle School (now East Jessamine Middle School), a rented church building on Courchelle Dr., and a mini-warehouse on Etter Dr. In January, 1998, the church bought our current building and we held our first worship service on Easter, April 12, 1998.