The Word of God, the Bible, is forever settled; therefore it is absolute in its authority and final in its judgments. More than mere human thought, the Word is “Inspired of God,” infallible and inerrant.


The name “Church of God” is used more than a dozen times in the New Testament and thus gives Biblical authority for its use as the name of the church. Much is said in our Movement about “seeing” the church. The Church of God is a movement and not a denomination.

The Church is the body of Christ – that is, the members – that He uses to do His work on earth. Christ is the Head and we are members of His body. This Biblical truth leaves no room for human systems that seek to establish earthly headquarters and leaders of the church. If there is only one Body, there can be only one Head; and if there is only one Head, then there is only one Body.

Salvation makes you a member of God’s church. The instant you are born again you become a part of the Church. We believe that God wants all of His people to be one just as He is one. Divisions are wrong. Therefore, we work to unite all of God’s people into one. “We reach our hands in fellowship to every blood-washed one.”


The Church of God preaches the present reality of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is a spiritual realm in which Christ is already King. The Kingdom of God is not political or geographical. It is the whole realm of God’s rule in the universe. The Kingdom is present and has been so since the earthly ministry of Christ. The Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in Christ and since his advent he has been reigning in the hearts of all redeemed persons. There is no need to wait for future events to take place in order for the Kingdom to be realized.


Holiness is the very nature of God. Basic to our understanding of holiness is the concept of wholeness or completeness that is possible only through yielding to the Holy Spirit. The extent of grace goes beyond the initial forgiveness of sin in conversion to the sanctifying of our very nature through the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Biblical theology is important in this matter. We can be sure that there is a crisis experience in the Holy Spirit beyond that of initial conversion. This experience equips the child of God to live a life of holiness, revealing total commitment to the will of God and wholeness to life. The term “second work of grace,” reveals that it is subsequent to or follows after regeneration.


Divine healing and belief in its reality are reasonable on the ground of the divine promises that are expressed or implied in the Scriptures. Divine healing is physical healing by divine power directly manifested in answer to prayer and faith. The classical text on divine healing is James 5:13-18. There the Church is commanded to anoint the sick with oil in the name of the Lord and pray over them. Such anointing was practiced by Jesus’ disciples in their healing of the sick. Similar in purpose to anointing with oil is the laying on of hands in prayer for the healing of the sick. The laying on of hands by those who are called to pray for the sick is a symbolic conveying of divine power, much as there was a giving of the Holy Ghost by the laying of the apostles’ hands.


The second coming of Christ is affirmed throughout the New Testament. The Church of God has traditionally taught the Amillennial view of end times. We believe the Bible teaches an end of all things, destruction of the earth, a general resurrection followed immediately by judgment. No time or space is given in scripture for a 1,000 year earthly reign of Christ.

At the return of Christ and judgment, those who have received Christ in the full pardon of sin will be taken to a place prepared for them by Christ. Those in the bondage of sin will be cast into a lake of fire along with the Devil and his angels.